Cast and Crew


Dan Blewett


DAN BLEWETT began working in the film industry at 18 and started out as a Set PA on smaller projects such as Music Videos (‘Nell Bryden – Sirens’), Short Films (‘To Leech’) and Commercials (‘Captain Morgans Rum’ – “Fire Ship”). During this time he also had the opportunity to network which then lead to him working on major feature films such as; ‘Thor: The Dark World’, ‘Rosewater’, ‘Into the Woods’, ‘The Huntsman’ and ‘Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens’. Dan then turned his talent to Directing shorts with the experience and knowledge gathered from his industry work; thus at the age of 20 he had started his new path. Since then, he has directed two short films ‘Cerebrum’ and ‘A Killers Delicacy’ as well as a Fashion shoot (‘Ideal Home-show’s: Models of Diversity’) and more recently an Educational Docudrama ‘Obesity and Me’ which was made for the Schools in the Surrey area.



Barnaby Elliott King


BARNABY ELLIOTT KING is a freelance Cinematographer, Barnaby briefly studied an Experimental Filmmaking course at Kingston University where he created a short film ‘Nostalgia’. He has also worked for the company: Science Photo Library as a Set PA and does freelance Production Assisting. Barney was a joint D.O.P on the short film ‘Cerebrum’ and the ‘Models of Diversity’ Fashion shoot.



William Owen


WILLIAM OWEN is a BA (Hons) Editing and Post Production student at the prestigious Ravensbourne University. Will has been the Editor on all tied projects to Last Word Films such as; ‘Cerebrum’, ‘A Killers Delicacy’, ‘Models Of Diversity’ and ‘Obesity and Me’ Will was also hired to be the Editor on the film made for Surrey police; ‘Birth of a Terrorist’.


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Nicolas Mather


NICHOLAS MATHER started his acting career starring in the lead role for short films such as ‘Cerebrum’ and ‘A Killers Delicacy’ this lead Nicholas to be one of the supporting characters in the corporate Drama for the Surrey police ‘Birth of a Terrorist’. Nicholas has also got a great talent in Script writing and Co-wrote both ‘Cerebrum’ and ‘A Killers Delicacy ‘.




Andrew Hebditch


ANDREW HEBDITCH is currently a BA (Hons) Media Practice student studying at the University of Sussex. Over the course of his education, Andrew has developed a broad range of skills and attributes, alongside a numerous amount of projects that has helped him experiment and learn in the growing industry. His award winning ‘Freddie’s World’ won Best Film and praise at his college award ceremony, The Henry’s. He is currently in production of his final creative project at Sussex, which will be showcased at the Komedia, a Brighton based arts and entertainment venue. Andrew is an aspiring producer who was in charge of Production for both ‘Cerebrum’ and ‘Models of Diversity’. After graduation, he hopes to collaborate on a number of future projects to further boost his experience and prospects within the industry.



Callum Rowley

Camera Operator

CALLUM ROWLEY is an aspiring Cinematographer who studied a Media BTEC, Film Studies and Photography while at College. Before this Callum also studied a Creative & Media Diploma for his GCSE’s. Callum was a Camera Assistant on a corporate film for Surrey Police ‘Birth Of A Terrorist’, He was also the other joint D.O.P. on the short film ‘Cerebrum’ and the ‘Models of Diversity’ Fashion shoot.